SMOOSAT MAX Adults Electric Scooter
SMOOSAT MAX Adults Electric Scooter
SMOOSAT MAX Adults Electric Scooter
SMOOSAT MAX Adults Electric Scooter
SMOOSAT MAX Adults Electric Scooter
SMOOSAT MAX Adults Electric Scooter
SMOOSAT MAX Adults Electric Scooter
SMOOSAT MAX Adults Electric Scooter
SMOOSAT MAX Adults Electric Scooter
SMOOSAT MAX Adults Electric Scooter

SMOOSAT MAX Adults Electric Scooter

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Enjoy every mile of life with you.

  • 500W Powerful Brushless Motor
  • 18.6 MPH Max Speed,
  • 30 Miles Range
  • 10" Tires with Front Suspension
  • 264 lbs Max Load
  • Commuter Electric Scooter for Adults

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SmooSat MAX equipped with a 500w motor can more easily boost a top speed of 18.6 mph on a 15° hill even you hit the max weight load of 264 lbs.


MAX features a 12Ah automotive-grade battery that can travel up to 30 miles after a full charge. The extended battery life can take you further whenever you need it


The 10'' solid tires and front dual shock suspension design enable you to ride over rough terrain effortlessly. Riding on bumpy roads can be a smooth and safe experience with the MAX electric scooter.


The SmooSat APP connects your e-scooter via Bluetooth instantly. You are able to lock/unlock your scooter, review the riding history, control speed modes, turn on/off the headlight, and so on.


The MAX scooter can be easily folded in 3 seconds. Folded size is only 41.3" x 17.3" x 19.7" which is convenient for transportation and storage.

30 miles
264 lbs.
42.9" x 18.3" x 22.2"
43.06 x 24.02 x 8.05 inches
51.7 lbs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Linda Esquivel
very sturdy and fun to ride

enjoy the ride, great battery life. can reach 18 mph despite my 240 lbs. not sure it can reach 30 mile distance maybe 25ut then my weight has something to with it. I have not tried riding 30 miles in one stretch, don't think I need to. Scooter has a strong acceleration. Love the bluetooth to keep record of treks, and can block scooter from rolling. However I did buy a couple of anti theft chains. Scooter is to expensive to risk being stolen. I really enjoy riding it, sturdy, well built. great scooter for the $$. highly recomend it.

Michelle Matyko
Love it

It gets me around with no problem. It does not handle hills well as my weight 220 slows it down.Not a concern, it goes about 17 mph and thats flying, have a helmet just in case, I really suggestusing one. Handle well turning, braking is good and easy to carry and take with you in suv or truck.

Nick Gheo

Very happy with this.. in fact I even ordered the E9 Pro for my granddaughter after riding mine. Originally purchased it to get back and forth to work and it does that and more. So now granddaughter rides by us while we jog along paved state park trails. Descent hills and both scooters can hold well. Solid built, I??m right at 210 and it still goes 18 no prob. Stay on smooth paved roads best as possible. Watch for potholes rocks and that common sense stuff. I start and stop a lot battery goes faster? Still, the money I??m saving on gas this will pay for itself in no time.

Great customer service

Pros:FastEasy to fold downEasy to useGreat customer serviceCons:HeavyCan??t make tight turnsNot the best choice for bumpy routesPrice is a little highThis scooter is easy to use and easy to maintain. The solid wheels make for a bumpier ride, but certainly easier upkeep. For the standard user who does not live near a scooter shop, this is likely going to be one of the better choices.When my scooter arrived, I was able to unbox it and put it together myself. I have minimal upper body strength and while I did struggle to get it up stairs while it was in the box, the actual build process was a breeze. Essentially all you need to do it attach the handlebars. This is where I ran into trouble. Out of the box, the scooter began to show an ??04?? error code. I fully charged the battery, which took just over 6 hours, and then attempted to ride it. It would not function correctly and no matter which buttons I pressed, the screen would only display the error code. On top of this, no matter how fast I manually kicked off the scooter, the throttle would not work and I couldn??t get the scooter to move without me pushing it. I downloaded the app and tested that I was getting up to speed, which it showed I was, but the screen was still locked and it wouldn??t move. At this point, I reached out to the company via email and they were quick to respond and totally fixed all of my issues. They were kind enough to send me a replacement as well as parts to hopefully fix the broken one. As of this review, I have not been able to work on the broken one. However, the replacement sent to me worked flawlessly out of the box and I was buzzing around within minutes of charging the battery.If you haven??t used a commuting scooter before, be warned, flying around at high speeds while standing up and relying on handlebars to keep you upright can be intimidating. I am still unable to get to top speeds because it??s a little nerve-wracking. However, it??s a fabulous time. I use this scooter to get to and from work and to run small errands. The ride is decent, if a little bumpy at times. The speeds are phenomenal and it can handle small hills with ease. I haven??t tested it on large hills yet, but as it is only rated for 15-degree inclines, I would be cautious about ordering if you live in a particularly hilly area.My biggest complaint is regarding the weight. This thing is heavy. So heavy, in fact, that I cannot comfortably carry it for more than a few minutes at a times. I am a small and not particularly strong individual, so those that have more upper body strength will likely be able to carry it without issue, but for those like myself, be aware.Overall, I would highly recommend this scooter to anyone looking for a beginner commuter. It??s high-quality, well designed, and works great. Additionally, the fact that the company worked so hard to ensure that I had a good experience, makes me back this product even more.

David Ratliff
High quality adult grade scooter with excellent power and features

I own / have owned several electric scooters. This is certainly near the top of the list.Build quality is high and it appears that a lot of thought went into the design. The brushless motor, combined with the battery pack provide an ideal balance between power, battery life and weight. Yes, there are more powerful scooters, there are lighter ones, and others with bigger batteries. This one hits the sweet spot.It is fast enough to move my 6ft, less than buff body at a good clip, even up hills. I have yet to deplete the battery, but I have done over an hour of riding with plenty of juice remaining. The base is large enough for my big feet. The handlebar easily folds down and it is light enough to toss in my car trunk.As noted, all of the components seem well made. Having the front suspension is a feature not found on most scooters and it absorbs most bumps. I agree with other reviewer that kickstand could be a bit beefier, but it serves its purpose.The app works as it should on my Android Galaxy. It is nice to be able to lick / disable the scooter from the app.I have mixed feelings on the solid tires. Traditional inflated tires are better at absorbing bumps. On the other hand, these will not go flat. May be a plus for some, a negative for others.Weather has not allowed me to do any sort of durability test over time. I will update accordingly.This is obviously not priced like a kids scooter, because the capability and build far exceed those. For campus or even urban commuting, this is a viable fair weather alternative. My youngest kid weighs less than half what I do and can fly on this thing. He has a lot if experience riding my other scooters.If this were a car, it might not be a Porsche, but would not be an economic either. More like an Audi or a Mustang. It is well built, user friendly, fast, powerful and fun with great battery life.