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The Best Gift for Kids and Adults

Meet the Hyper GOGO Kart

The GoKart by HyperGoGo - the race is on.

For all ages and sizes, everyone can enjoy the experience

Hyper GOGO Gokart

Fits most hoverboards

Maybe your hoverboard was purchased elsewhere, but don't worry because this go-kart is Compatible with most hoverboards on the market. (Except for Ninebot models). No matter your hoverboard wheel size is 6.5", 8.5", or 10".


Flexible operation, safe and reliable.



Ensure smooth and comfortable racing


Tie up the hoverboard with hook and loop fasteners in less than 30S.

Hyper GOGO Gokart - Simple Assembly

1. Accelerate Pedal

Press the accelerate pedal to acceleration

2. Topspeed Pole 

Quick accelerate with the Topspeed Pole

3. Reverse 

Reverse with Topspeed Pole easily

With millions of hoverboards being used around the world, we decided it's time to start the race and introduce the GoKart by HyperGoGo, the best accessory for your Hoverboard.

The first fully compatible GoKart of it's kind, we wanted to ensure everyone could join the race and be a part of the action. Take it out with your friends on a night out, race down the streets or take it on your next trip. Buy it for your kids and watch the endless fun and joy they get, plus the endless peace you'll recieve in return. With an extendable frame and steering wheel, you can be sure this will fit any size you need it to.

Go Kart Kit Features:

  • Easy Installation- Go kart is very easy to install. Lift up the steering column to proper position, install the steering wheel and seat. Now connect Hoverboard / electric scooter using Velcro strap and make sure the hoverboard on/off buttons are outwards.
  • Universal Go kart- The only Go kart in the market which is compatible with any standard size of hoverboards. The universal go kart can connect easily any brand of hoverboards to enjoy Go kart racing.
  • Driving Control System - Rotating handles for directions, accelerate on the right side of leg, brake on the left side of the leg, Handle on the right hand side for reverse.
  • Shock Absorber with Anti Vibrating Seat- Smooth and comfortable drive with anti vibrating seat. Go kart has a real shock absorber system which can drive it anywhere like indoor and outdoor or on any surface.
  • Adjustable length & steering wheel - User can adjust Go kart length up to 1300 mm (130cm) to operate leg control system and for their own comfort leg space. Also can adjust the steering wheel height up to 55cm from the ground as per requirement.
  • Best for kids & Adults : Go kart can be used by both Kids & Adults.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Dom Pham
Next gen go kart

Pretty amazing that I could my original hoverboard on the kart.

Olivér Schönek
The best birthday gift for a 12 years old boy

It's arrived in time, the quality is perfect, it's so so good. :) The whole family adores it.

Mia Scollard

I'm truly amazed by this product! If no other kart is meeting your needs r breaking quickly, this is the kart to go to. This thing is fast, rides very smooth and is fun even for my 51 year old hysband!

Alfonso Clark

This car is so cool so smooth so fast so safe and reliable I love the helmet for safety goggles her bike skateboard Barbie doesn't even hold competition my daughter thinks she is a Indy car driver

Phillip Leung
Super Fun

This go-kart kit exceeded my expectations. I had watched a few YouTube videos on this before purchasing it and decided to give it a try. The ease of set up and the ability to replace hoverboard provides flexibility to the entire go-kart.